If you're lucky enough to be able to watch the entire PGA, preferably with family, friends and loved ones joining in, then you're going to need to make sure everything is in place for you to enjoy the entire tournament as it unfolds, however many hours of spare time you may have to watch it. So what should you make sure of?

1) TV setup

Make sure everything is running smoothly in the days leading up to the PGA teeing off - it would be a shame for your cable to go or for your TV not to have the right channels. In the age of large-screen HDTVs, watching golf can be a truly incredible experience if you own the right television, and making sure everyone can see is less of a financial worry than it used to be.

2) Refreshments

Yes,these are important! Whatever you like to eat or drink while you watch a game, a movie or while you're playing games on poker.dk, it's worth ensuring that you're well stocked for when the PGA starts. Otherwise, you risk a bunch of thirsty, hungry golf fans sitting around watching the PGA, wishing they were somewhere else! Not quite a hole in one, is it?

3) Stats

Having some stats on hand - on a netbook, or some printouts - is always helpful, as if anyone's wondering what someone's par was last year, you can inform them quickly and helpfully. It's always useful to have the internet on hand, as it also means that if you feel like putting your money where your golf-savvy mouth is, you can do so quickly and easily.

PGA sessions are a lot of fun, and if you can get enough people round, there's nothing quite like seeing a horde of people groan at a near miss, or cheer as someone pulls off an eagle. Just get prepared, and go and enjoy yourself!