A Round of Golf Episode 140 and 141: Our Final Curtain Call

Hello, Golfers!
All things in life, whether good or not so great, must come to an end. This is the change we will be going through, and change, as we all know, is inevitable in life.
A Round of Golf started soaring on air in August 2008. We were the only local Golf show in the Philippines. We were a team of brave, energetic non-golfers! As we began production, we had one main goal: to showcase the wonderful surroundings of the Philippines through a game called Golf, where Filipinos actually excelled! We struggled to learn everything about Golf; how to play, what a Golf Course is, why it is so addicting, what the terms are, memorize the outstanding list of rules, and find out the beauty behind the sport! And surprisingly, we succeeded!
With your support, we are now proud to say that we are all Golf Aficionados...we now play the game, conquered the industry and is in love with most, if not all aspects of Golf. Not to mention how comfortable we are in a Golf Course!
We bid a temporary goodbye to you, we shall miss filling your screens every Thursday at 8 PM. Join our final curtain call. In our last 2 episodes, we take a look back at the fond memories and opportunities that came because of this show and because of the game. In Episode 140, Dominic and Geleen get up close and personal about their FAVORITE MOMENTS IN A ROUND OF GOLF. Episode 141 runs down on the BEST DESTINATIONS A ROUND OF GOLF HAS BEEN TO.
Our website will remain active for those who want to see past episodes, blogs, and photos. Continue visiting www.aroundofgolf.tv
This is the final blog as well...the team looks forward to seeing you in and around the Golf Course still.
All the best,
Therese V. Laforteza, Senior Producer