Nike Golf\'s New NexCOR Club Face Technology Redefines the Meaning of Speed for Increased Distance Throughout the Bag

Nike Golf\'s relentless pursuit of innovation will elevate the meaning of speed and distance for a full bag of clubswith the introduction of the new Nike VR_S family. Nike\'s new VR_S club line is an extension of the successful Nike VR franchise, which has more than 50 worldwide professional wins including three major championships. The Nike VR_S family includes drivers, fairway woods, irons and hybrids -- all combining to what is the fastest and hottest family of golf clubs that Nike Golf has ever produced, and, in turn, generating more distance for every shot.

The Nike VR_S distinguishes itself from the original VR line with its pure emphasis on speed (hence the \"S\" in the name). The Nike VR_S line features NexCOR Technology for slower swing speeds while the Nike VR Pro LE combines both NexCOR and the variable Compression Channel for faster swing speeds. Each club in the VR_S family will have a laser engraved NexCOR logo - a shape that mirrors the face construction inside the head, optimizing speed.

Despite the USGA\'s industry limitations on the driver, Nike engineers have executed an all-encompassing approach to delivering the golfer extra distance by shifting their attention to the full bag, taking every shot in the entire round and the resulting cumulative effect of distance into consideration. To generate speed and distance to every club in the bag, Nike Golf engineers focused on the \"face\" of not just one club such as the driver or irons, but also fairway woods and hybrids. Their aim was to create groundbreaking innovative technology that would create the fastest and hottest face on every club. Their answer was Nike\'s exclusive NexCOR face technology.

\"In golf, when we talk about distance, the first thing that comes to mind is the driver,\" said Tom Stites, Director of Club Creation for Nike Golf. \"We decided to look beyond that and focus on the entire bag from a holistic point of view. We discovered that NexCOR face technology adds distance and will play a critical role in helping golfers to become better. They\'ll be hitting more shorter irons on their approach shots.\"

Nike\'s new NexCOR Face Technology maximizes distance for the widest range of players through a new speed-expanding multi face thickness design. The NexCOR infinity design creates a bridge for ultra-thin, ultra-hot faces and unmatched ball speed from every club in the bag. The location of the NexCOR technology differs from club to club.

\"In setting out to create the fastest and hottest face, we know that consumers don\'t hit it in the same spot on the face every time,\" said Stites. \"We conducted impact studies and were able to \"map\" where consumers hit the ball on the face at impact on every club. Based on those results, we are able to move this NexCOR technology around on the face. The location of NexCOR on the face differs on every club. Not every face is identical.\"



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