Dominic Uy's Blog

  • Last weekend I was able to play with my golf buddies at a golf club in Batangas, and I was really looking forward to this game since this would be my first time to play the course. We left Manila bright and early and with the newly rehabilitated SLEX plus the Star Toll… it took us less than an hour to get there.
    Dropped our bags, registered, applied sunblock, and headed to the pitching and putting area to warm up. My first 3 holes went well but my whole game changed when I reached Hole No. 13, a Par 3 where I topped the ball on my tee shot which landed in the water!

  • I usually only find time to read when I’m traveling but with time to spare last week I decided to catch up on some reading. My mother gifted me with the Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book, a compilation of Lessons and Teachings from a Lifetime in Golf. Harvey Penick started his golf career at the age of eight when he started caddying at the Austin Texas Country Club. When he wrote the book he was already seventy nine years old and was still teaching men, women, beginners and professionals too.

  • The past few days, I have been following the 139th British Open Championship held at the Old Course of St. Andrews in Scotland. The Old Course is considered to be the “home of golf” where it was first ever played about 600 years ago. One can say that this is where it all began.

  • July 12, 2010 was a memorable day for me: it marked the first time I would get to shoot for the segment called “Golf Course”. That’s the segment where I get to play the Top 3 signature holes of the featured golf course. And that lucky golf course is none other than the Dagupan Golf and Beach Club. Situated in Bonuan Binloc in Dagupan, we went to it on a three-hour, suprisingly easy drive from Manila courtesy of Mang Ed (aka Schumacher) on the wheel breezing through the paved roads leading us North of Manila. I was extremely excited to see and hit the golf course!

  • Recently, the A Round of Golf team was privileged to be invited by the Sabah Tourism Board to visit Sabah, Malaysia. The team would feature five golf courses, eat authentic Malay food, stay in posh hotels, and even go to the famous Manukan Island. We were all psyched to go on our trip and experience Sabah, Malaysia. Also, we would have the chance to show our golfers in the Philippines what courses Sabah has to offer. The team had a number of meetings in preparation for the trip to make sure we deliver the best coverage and reciprocate the trust given to us by the Sabah Tourism Board.